Monday, March 12, 2007

How to Get Started: Tutorials

This article was written for knitters out in the wilderness, who don't have access to a local yarn store or a group of knitters in your area who you can learn from. The wonderful thing about this technique is that it looks complex, but it is very easy to do once you master the basics, which are not difficult if you have knowledge, and knowledge is key - finding it is another story, that is the true challenge of 2 color knitting. Information on technique seems to come and go as each new book is published and then goes out of print. It is miraculously kept alive through online chat forums, blog sites, and knitting groups, camps and conferences. But knowing where and how to access this information can feel like a great mystery when you are first getting started.

After sifting through alot of this information as someone new to 2 color knitting, I put together a list of all the teaching resources that I found to be the most helpful in my case, but keep in mind, your experiences and needs might be different:

Best Teaching Resources for a Beginner

The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques by Margaret Radcliffe. Just released in Dec. of 2008, a fantastic new teaching resource. (In addition to Fair Isle knitting, it also includes instruction on double knitting, entrelac, and intarsia.) There are several beginner patterns in the book including hats, mittens and handbags.

Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting
This book is now back in print (see more information here). (Or you can borrow a library copy through a local library (check out or through inter-library loan.) Another resource is Ann Feitelstein's Art of Fair Isle Knitting.

A Nice Place to Get Started With Two Color Knitting in the Round for Beginners:
Knitting Workshop DVD, Schoolhouse Press
(Secrets to Successful Norwegian knitting/2 color stranded knitting)
Wonderful inspiration, good sound advice on technique, a great foundation course!

Cardigan Details DVD, Schoolhouse Press
For when you are ready to cast and on get serious about steeks. The DVD takes you through an entire sweater (Lupine Cardigan from Meg Swansen's Knitting - knits up fast!).

Meg Swansen's Fair Isle Vest DVD, Schoolhouse Press
(A great tutorial for a "V-Neck" Fair Isle vest with armhole and neck steeks)

Eunny Jang's "The Ivy League Vest" DVD from Interweave Knits

After you Master the Basics and Want to Study All Construction Strategies:
Knitting in the Old Way

When you are ready to select your own colorwork charts for a project, these two classics will provide a wide range of options to select from: Traditional Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila McGregor, and Traditional Scandinavian Knitting by the same author.

Updated: Knitting Conferences

Vogue Knitting Live offers classes in colorwork knitting.   They offer annual conferences in New York and now Pasadena. For the first time last year a major knitting conference was held in Southern California and they will be here again this year in Pasadena (May 13-15, 2016) for all you warm weather Fair Isle knitters!  Here is a link to their home page where you can find all the details.  Here is a link to the list of classes that were taught last year where you can see the types of classes that were taught that focused on color work knitting techniques (very impressive!).  As of the time of this post update, the new classes for 2016 have not been published but I have my fingers crossed that we'll get some great teachers again for this year!

Stitches West, South, Mid-West and Texas

Knitter's Magazine now puts on annual knitting conferences in four locations across the country each year.  Beth Brown Reinsel (who offers a fabulous newsletter loaded with tons of great advice that you can sign up for through her website, and who now has a You Tube channel and an Etsy Shop where you can buy her DVD, Color Stranding Knitting Techniques) will be teaching a class at Stitches South this year on knitting Norwegian mittens.

Photo Tutorials for Knitting with Steeks

Since many valuable books have gone out of print and can be very costly to buy, some experienced knitters have developed online tutorials to help fill in the gaps. I found these free tutorials online to be very helpful, particularly for their photos:

Eunny Jang's Steek Chronicles

Wendy Johnson's Article on Steeks at

Steek Photos by Wendy Johnson for a Dale of Norway Norwegian Sweater:

Steek Photos by Wendy Johnson for a Fair Isle Sweater:

Crochet Steeks (nice photos!):

2 Color Knitting Video Tutorials Online

Video Tutorial at the Philosopher's Wool Website on 2-Color Stranded Knitting:

Video Tutorial on 2-Color Stranded Knitting at

Continental Knit and Purl Stitch Video Tutorial at

Two Handed Two Color Knitting on Double Pointed Needles:

Purling in Two Colors
(Extremely useful if you will not be knitting in the round.)

Other good reference resources:

Knitting in Color Blog:
(Scroll down to see the link list on the right for other great tutorials online.)

One final word of advice: knitters can be very opinionated, because we all have different experiences that lead us to successful mastery of these techniques and different preferences for how to accomplish what we want to achieve. So don't just take my word, be sure to ask around and get opinions from people you trust. There are probably as many ways to knit a sweater as there are people who knit and you will most likely develop your own unique style as well. Perhaps one day you will invent a technique that will be named after you! I hope one day you will share what you learned and pass it on!


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Thanks for your comment on Poetry in Stitches! Your blog is very cool, it's great that you have compiled all this information in one place.

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Excellent site - thanks

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This is brilliant! I have struggled in the wilderness doing my first Norwegian mittens. I can't wait to read all these resources! I found out about you through a Ravelry Group. Yay!